Our team at IntellectHub is experienced in hiring solutions for junior, middle and senior level requirement for various verticals across industries.  Recruitment activity starts with primary step of understanding the client requirement by our team of highly experienced recruitment professionals who then conduct competency mapping for right skillsets, screening profiles, organizing event, conduct the specified assessments to gauge the candidates, end to end interview assistance, initiate candidate induction, verifying the availability of required documents, complete on-boarding formality and reporting.   

Our strategy is devised aiming to provide right fit for the role, quality of the resource and the timeline.  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing is the most sought methodology and cost effective way to fulfill recruitment related activities. Adopting RPO enables our clients to leverage their team’s valuable time, competency and effort in their core capability areas while trusting and engaging the expertise in RPO to meet multifaceted and dynamic business challenges. Our team of professionals in recruitment will administer the process right from understanding the client requirement, identifying the candidates with right skillsets, screening and organizing interview with client personnel, verification of required documents, expectation settings with the finalized candidates and on-boarding with reports handover.  Competency mapping, Quality of candidate and time line driven is our main objective.

Management consulting

Performance of an individual, team and organization are affected by various other environmental factors, mind-set, practices and culture followed in the organization and by the leaders in it. Traditional way of problem solving has always been to identify the problem, causes contributing to it and finding a solution. This would definitely fix the present problem while keeps the chances of reoccurrence alive. Recording of various effects in the specified arena and mapping it to the existing systems is crucial. Our consultants adapt systems-thinking approach to observe and understand hierarchy, culture and the different working style that possibly impact or encourage an individual or team’s performance to resolve workplace performance problems.

Training and Development

  People are the most valuable and greatest asset in any given Industry. Individuals investing in self and Organisations in their employees is inevitable for one’s growth. We cater to the training need such as soft skills, technical and leadership training with in-house experienced trainers.

Human Resource Consulting

The Expert Resource Consultant understands the requirement and suggest solutions based on expertise and experience and assists in planning and implementation. Solutions are devised with methodologies that simplify the challenges and raise creativity of our client to implement the plan and sustain the progress.